Denver Alteryx Inspire 2022


Limitless Future Potential

It seemed like fate when I was both able to travel to Denver and experience the amazing Alteryx Inspire conference and also be able to spend some quality time with my family and friends in Denver, Colorado. I was very excited to learn everything I could while at the conference as well as make contacts and promote Bits2b.

Denver’s Big Blue Bear was also interested in what was happening at Alteryx!
Denver’s Big Blue Bear was also interested in what was happening at Alteryx!

Training and Check-in

on May 16

Although I would have been interested in going to the training portion of the conference Alteryx has an amazing online community and academy to learn from so I decided to prepare for the conference with new online lessons. . Wanting to make sure I knew where I was going for the conference I showed up early on Sunday to pick up my badge and was pleasantly surprised when I also received a T-shirt and water bottle as well. I was also in the area since I planned on going to my favorite dance spot at the Mercury Cafe.

Welcome Party and Alter.Nation

on May 17

At the welcoming party I was not sure what to expect, although I was hoping parking was not too expensive (having been living in Prague for 8 months and experiencing their amazing mass transit system). With the alteryx app traversing through the conference was very simple. Booths were lined up to meet with partners of Alteryx. The conference set up a scavenger hunt so attendees could visit booths and scan QR codes to have a chance to win some Alteryx swag. Contact information was also easily transferred between partners and Alteryx employees through the participants badges. They had lots of amazing food ranging from coconut lobster to full on fajita bars. Alteryx definitely knows how to treat it's employees and partners.

Break out Sessions and Motivational Speakers

on May 18

On the third day is when the conference truly began. Breakfast started at 7am and gave me a chance to sit down and chat with many other participants of the Alteryx conference. Alter.Nation was in full effect and the breakout sessions began with a very motivational speech from the Chief Revenue Officer, Paula Hansen. She sat down with Entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian and talked about the democratization of data and making it easier for everyone to be able to use the power of data through Alteryx. They also talked about Alteryx's role in tackling the ever constant problem of climate change.

Some of my favorite breakout sessions included a documentary featuring some of Alteryx's partners who were displaced while living in Ukraine. I learned that Alteryx has already donated over $250,000 dollars and raised over $140,000 from their employees.

Chance encounters and After Party

on May 19

The last day of the conference definitely came much too soon. The conference started out with a surprise appearance by Jordan Klepper from the Daily Show. I was somewhat starstruck. He helped present some of the amazing ways community were utilizing Alteryx to tackle present day problems in Analytics. Some interesting presentations included a automated way for Alteryx to create charts and graphs for any presentation, and a children's learning app to teach future children the importance of Data Analytics.

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